Mar 19 2020

Welder (3 Month Contract)

Job Summary

You will be part of a team to fit and weld products. You will be expected to demonstrate initiative and a keen eye for detail in your work. You will be able to solve problems with supervisory input.

Education Requirements

2nd Year of welding from a recognized institution, or equivalent experience.


Lay out, prepare and assemble structural steel, containers and miscellaneous components. Use different welding processes and fillers depending on the type of metal, its size and shape and requirements for finished product strength.

Review drawings and discuss them with the customer or with management.

Ability to use a Cutting Torch, Plasma Cutter and Gouger.

Use metal-working machines and cutting torches to cut steel, drill or punch holes, and roll, bend or press steel into the desired shapes

Follow all safety procedures

Communication with customers.

Key Knowledge and Experience

Experience in construction an asset. Industrial exposure would also be an asset.

Starting wage dependant on experience.

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