March 16, 2018

How to Stay Grounded During Changing Market Conditions

This past year’s market access issues for Canadian pulse exports to India illustrate one of the biggest challenges for today’s farmers, says veteran farmer Alex Hamer. “There are just too many factors you don’t control when it comes to marketing,” he says. “You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars’ difference on the farm just … Continued

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January 31, 2018

Fourth-Generation Farmer Not Afraid to Get His Hands Dirty

As the co-owner of a 15,000-acre farming operation in Wessington, South Dakota, B.J. McNeil can often be found in his office making strategic plans for the farm. But like any good farmer, he’s no stranger to having his boots on the ground – even with six full-time employees. “Often when something breaks down I’m the … Continued

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December 12, 2017

Confessions of a Self-taught Seed Expert

A Good Crop Starts with the Quality of the Seed: Confessions of a Self-taught Seed Expert When it comes to ensuring a good crop and a solid yield, the quality of the seed that goes into the ground is just as important as the quality of the soil and the types of inputs that are … Continued

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September 13, 2017


Many kids like to play in the dirt. And some adults do too. Garth Donald is one of these adults. Having grown up on the family farm in Manitoba, his fascination with dirt led him to a full-time career as an agronomist, which he has been doing for close to 20 years now. “I’ve being … Continued

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August 14, 2017

SEED SMARTS: Australian grain farmer finds new home on the prairies

For this month’s edition of Seed Smarts, we spoke with Josh Lade to learn more about his cross-continental farming experiences. Many prairie farmers grew up on family farms and instinctively knew that’s where they belonged. But for Josh Lade, the journey to finding himself on a grain farm in the heart of the Canadian prairies … Continued

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July 13, 2017


As part of our monthly blog series, Seed Smarts, we sat down with Doug Yeager to ask some candid questions about his farm. Doug Yeager has been farming his whole life, running his own operation since 2003, but eight years ago he was faced with a completely new challenge – growing pulses. Based in Choteau, Montana … Continued

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