We are officially in the midst of the chaos and hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the snow is falling, the store windows are lit up with singing dancing Santas, and people are swarming the city centers to find those gifts that are just right for their loved ones. For producers, this season too, is full of shopping.  The holiday season is also known as the beginning of trade show season.  This is a time for producers to view the newest, biggest, and brightest in farming equipment from all their favorite companies.   

For those of you in the market for something new for the farm this Christmas and into the New Year, here are 6 helpful tips to choosing the one that is right for you and your farm.

1. After Sales Service

Does the company you’re contemplating purchasing from have after sales service?  It’s okay to ask a company what their level of dedication is to you as a customer.  Is this company willing and able to help you if you have an issue with your purchase?  For openers, this could mean less time under a plugging drill, and more time seeding in the field, saving you time.

2. Warranty

Feel free to ask what the manufacturer’s warranty policy is.  Purchase from someone who has a transparent and comprehensive policy.   You want a company that will stand by what it says and one who is willing to publish their return policy because they are so proud of it.  You will likely know someone through a friend, neighbour, or dealer that has had to collect on a warranty, ask around as to the quality of their warranty experience.

3. Testimonials or Second Opinions

What do others say about the company, about their products, and about their commitment to customers?

4. Performance

Will the equipment perform the way you’d like it to?  Don’t forget to take your unique farm conditions and soil texture into account.  Not only can your soil texture affect the wear of an opener, it can also affect the integrity of your furrow and seed/fertilizer placement.

5. Quality

Did the company use high quality materials in the manufacturing of your equipment?  Did they consider the composition of the metal, the wear patterns, any wear prevention features (hard surfacing or carbide) on susceptible surfaces?

6. Price  

Make sure to consider all the above five factors before taking pricing in account.  For example, if pricing is slightly higher a company may be offering other benefits of use, such as a great return policy, or phenomenal after sales service.  These are value added to the cost of the farm equipment you are purchasing.  A deal is only worth it if you can find the seller after the purchase.  Don’t forget about the economic value of your time as well, your time is money.

Happy shopping and many wishes for a warm holiday season!


Written and Published by Jessica Kohls, BSc, PgCE – Dutch Biologist
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