The Bandit Series opener was born from a need for a seeding/banding tool with industry-leading durability and versatility. Built out of hardened materials to take the punishment of high-speed deep banding and still offer accuracy and durability while seeding. The result is a multifunctional opener with extremely low soil disturbance.

Key Benefits

  • Engineered to be one of the most durable openers on the market with substantially more carbide than the competition
  • 5/8″ tip width offering very low soil disturbance to a depth of 6″
  • 3 settings on the tip allow you to maintain depth as the tip starts to wear
  • Designed to be used for multiple applications: C-Shank/Edge-On drills, mid row shanks and most fertilizer applicators
  • 7 replaceable tube options add versatility
  • NOTE: This is a multi-functional opener. It can be used to band any type of fertilizer. It can also be used in a single shoot seeding application on C-Shank drill.




“Dutch Bandit opener is very simple with no maintenance required and easy adjustment. NH3 gassing off was completely eliminated with these openers. Our field finish was excellent due to very low soil disturbance.”

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