The Phantom series combines the best performance attributes of the low disturbance Precision Edge series with a new plug free granular fertilizer opener. Introduced to the market with 15” row spacing in mind, the 6.5” paired row fit perfectly with your modern Horsch or Amity/Concord drill. With an easily replaceable tip and paired row wings, the Phantom Series opener is setting a new standard in wide-paired row seed and fertilizer placement.

Key Benefits

  • 1/2” replaceable tip with carbided nose and wings protects the body while the tang style attachment method offers industry leading durability.
  • Durable Steel body with mud deflectors and additional hard facing for extended wear.
  • 6.5” replaceable paired row wing section designed to fracture less soil and create a well-defined seed shelf.
  • Vertical tip attack angle deflects stones and prevents potential opener damage.
  • Larger seed and fertilizer openings ensures plug free performance with high rates and large seed sizes common to 15”row spacing.


“We had one of the Nicest stands this spring we ever have had with the Phantom opener. This new opener leaves a really nice field finish and offers less disturbance. It seems like they can handle varying seeding conditions as well. Tom was excellent to work with. We even had Nick, the engineer that designed the opener in our field and had some time to discuss what we liked about it.” TOM & ERIC VOLLER – HAZELTON, ND

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