The Precision Edge™ Series was developed based on the historic success of the Dutch Precision Series. Combining precise seed and fertilizer placement with durable narrow tips, the Precision Edge is ideal for farmers who need minimal soil disturbance and maximum moisture retention. With a rugged body design, the Precision Edge is perfect for dry, rocky fields.

Key Benefits

  • Narrow edge tip designed for minimal soil disturbance and maximum moisture retention
  • Rugged steel body for maximum durability
  • Seed placement available in 1 ¾” side band and paired row options from 3½” – 7 ½” seed row spacing
  • Superior seed/fertilizer separation
  • Side Band and Paired Row Options
  • All steel vertical tip design, superior in rocky conditions


“I love the way (Precision Edge™ openers) hold the ground in packed areas and deliver even seed placement. They move the perfect amount of soil which helps warm it up. I feel the openers pull up less rocks, and I don’t experience gassing of my anhydrous. Dutch has been very good to work with over the years.”


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