The Ultra Low Disturbance (ULD) opener was designed by working with producers to create an opener that allows them to both travel faster in the field, and reduce soil throw all while maintaining accurate seed placement. Producers were asking for for a product that ensures versatility and durabilty at the same time offering less soil disturbance. The result is an opener that captures all of that. Our testing has shown seeding speeds increased 20% over what the producers were previously using. With producers always looking for ways to increase efficiencies during the seeding season, this is a true game changer.

*NEW to the ULD Series of Openers*  Low Rate Liquid Side Band

Does the majority of your blend go down with shanks or discs between your rows? Do you want to add a low rate of liquid safely beside your seed row? Are you looking to increase your seeding speed while remaining pinpoint accurate? The ULD Low rate Liquid/Low Separation opener is the answer. Expect less disturbance, accurate placement and plant available nutrients within reach to give your crop the best start.

Key Benefits

  • This opener is designed to replace the traditional shank on the row unit and attaches in its place.
  • 1/2″ replaceable tip with carbide front and back to promote extended life.
  • Tang style tip connection offers increased durability.
  • 6 replaceable tube options available to suit your operation.
  • Liquid starter fertilizer tube ready with liquid placed before the seed.
  • All hardware included with opener purchase.
  • Vertical attack angle releases rocks easier, reduces fatigue on row unit components.


“We had bad stepping issues and bending of our seed boots. We weren’t getting our seed placed where we wanted it to be, so we knew we needed to make a change to the Dutch Agriculture ULD opener. With our new Dutch Openers we had less soil disturbance and less stepping. Our plant count was the best we’ve ever had. The opener allowed us to speed up by a whole mile per hour. I’m very impressed with this product and I think it’s going to change the industry.”


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