Our farmers asked and we answered with a series of openers designed specifically for Väderstad shanks. You will be amazed at the improvements we have made. The Seed Hawk family now includes: The original innovative inline design, replaceable tip, and body assembly, and the one-piece fertilizer opener design. These new additions to the Väderstad family eliminate the clumping and dumping that many producers face.

New for Väderstad (Seed Hawk) Series

Dutch Openers game-changer Inline System for Väderstad (Seed Hawk) drills enables a farmer to switch between side band and paired row easier than ever. It also eliminates previous trash flow problems that standard OEM sideband or offset shanks are prone to, no more clumping and dumping. By aligning the shanks, the trash flows right past and flows through the rest of the drill, eliminating trash build-up.

Dutch Openers expanded the Väderstad (Seed Hawk) series lineup and offer even more options for your drill.  Our one-piece fertilizer openers are designed to duplicate the OEM design effectiveness, except for Dutch has vastly improved the strength and durability by adding extra tungsten carbide. Talk to your territory manager about Dutch Opener’s original Inline™ seeding system for Väderstad (Seed Hawk) drills.


The Seed Hawk Heavy Duty (HD) Series was engineered with durability and versatility for producers who are looking for an opener that will stand the test of time. The Seed Hawk HD opener uses a unique tang style tip that stays tightly and securely attached in the rockiest field conditions. Bolt-on replaceable tubes offer the producer multiple options and the ability to quickly change with any changes in your farming practices.

Key Benefits

Vaderstad (SeedHawk)

  • Patented, replaceable, easy-to-change tip – no bolts
  • Three carbides for high wearing tip, which keeps its shape at the back to ensure seed and fertilizer get to the bottom of the trench
  • Abrasion-resistant body
  • Stainless liquid tube available, which includes hose barb
  • Many tube options are available

Seed Hawk HD

  • Optimized attack angle on the leading edge of our seed and fertilizer opener to promote positive trash flow up the shank
  • 1/2″ replaceable tip with carbide front and back to promote extended life
  • New tang style tip connection offers increased durability
  • 5 replaceable tube options available to suit your operation
  • Alpine tube ready with liquid placed before the seed
  • All hardware included with opener purchase


“The trash clearance was phenomenal with my Dutch Inline Seed Shanks to fit Seed Hawk. I never had to lift my shanks up once during seeding, which was a complete day and night difference from my OEM openers. The seed placement was exactly where I set it to be even in tough seeding conditions.”

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