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Terence’s fifteen years as an Ag Heavy Equipment Tech have given him a keen eye for detail. This comes in handy when he’s out in the field with a customer. When visiting a producer with a seeding issue, Terence is able to easily find the problem with their drill within minutes. If a producer has a condition that is unique to their operation, there is a good chance he has seen it somewhere else and knows how to deal with it.

“One of my greatest interests is helping producers get the most from their drill. I’m always trying to know as much as I can about the different drills, soil types, and conditions out there, and have an excellent understanding of how our product should perform.  I bring all my knowledge to their farm, and work with the producer to make sure they get the best performance from our openers”.

Terence says the favorite part of his job is building relationships. “There’s a process that takes place between a Territory Manager and a producer, and it’s the building of mutual trust. I work hard to get all the right information so I can give my customers the product that is right for them. They in turn trust that I’m giving them the best solution that will work for them because seeding is the most important event on the farm. We build this trusting relationship by spending time together in the field making sure everything is just right. It puts a big smile on my face when I drive by the producer’s fields which are looking great and I think to myself, we did that”.

“In my spare time, I love being in the mountains, camping with my family and friends, quadding, hunting, and fishing. I have also been found in the shop, with the welder in hand, creating my next project”.

If you want help in planning for next season, Terence will be happy to assist.

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