Super Eagle


The Super Eagle Series Opener has earned Dutch a reputation for top-notch quality. The Super Eagle is designed to cut through the vast majority of soils, from sand to mud and even rocky patches, to ensure accurate seed and fertilizer placement. The C-Shank bodies are made from hot-forged steel and the tip is reinforced with durable carbides for extra wear-protection.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent wear capabilities
  • Very low soil disturbance options
  • A variety of roll-pin replaceable tips, which offer easy installation and maximum value as there is no need to replace the entire body
  • Slotted hole design, ensuring universal mounting on any C-shank
  • Available in many size formats, including ¾”-3 ½” sizing, double shoot, single placement, multiple size configurations, and even non-carbide applications
  • Optional Feature: Fert-Till wings easily install where tillage is required (requires a custom order to pre-drill holes)