The Universal Series Opener offers the ultimate in versatility. With this new body you can switch from Single Shoot to Double Shoot with just one roll pin. Tips to fit this series range from 1” to 5” wide spread in the Single Shoot lineup. The Double Shoot tips are the newest Low Draft technology, with reduced wing angle for less soil disturbance and the lowest draft possible. Our new high-wear tips offer more carbide and durability for those that need a tougher tip option, while still delivering excellent seed/fertilizer placement and separation.

Key Benefits

  • One body, up to 27 tip options
  • Patented Low Draft Tip design
  • Cast and steel bodies available
  • Lower angle on wings to reduce soil disturbance
  • Closed bottom tips available to reduce plugging in mud or clay
  • Ultimate in versatility – Single & Double Shoot tips fit the same body
  • Optional design for application of alpine fertilizer
  • Available in 3/8”, ¾”, 1 1/8” Vertical Separation for Double Shooting